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Con-Tact® Brand Self-Adhesive Creative Covering™ is easy to apply with our original and innovative “measure-and-cut” backing paper.

• Removable • Easy to Cut • Easy to Apply

Show your style! Think of Con-Tact® Creative Covering™ as instant decor. Modern, contemporary or traditional, there is a pattern to meet every consumer’s decorative style.

Con-Tact® Brand Self-Adhesive Metal FX™ From kitchen appliances to office furniture, even filing cabinets, wherever you need a durable surface.

Con-Tact® Brand Self Adhesive Clear Covering™ is designed for both superior transparent protection and semi-transparent privacy.

Con-Tact® Brand Embossed Grip Premium features dynamic embossed designs that add rich, elegant texture while delivering Con-Tact's best grip.

Con-Tact® Brand Beaded Grip, unique design provides a medium level of cushioned protection.

Con-Tact® Brand Grip Prints, smooth washable and water-proof surface is durable and protective while the cushioned grip backside stays firmly in place without adhesives.

Con-Tact® Brand Premium Shelf Liner, ribbed and woven textures transform the gaps in wire shelving into a smooth, clean surface. It is ideal for providing practicality and utility for the storage of all your everyday items.

Con-Tact® Brand Premium Plus Shelf Liner’s are perfect for closets, laundry rooms and refrigerators, even professional kitchens. It stands up to heavy use and heavy duty cleaning while maintaining its original beauty.

Con-Tact® Luxury Fabric Liner a non-adhesive elegant fabric, backed with non-slip grip. It is the perfect solution for lingerie drawers and linen closet shelves.

Con-Tact® Scented Liners, non-adhesive paper liners which have a hint of fragrance. Each roll comes with six sheets, each 18”x 24”. Paper liners are a great alternative for vintage or newer furniture.

Our specialty selection is comprised of several products cork, chalkboard
and Zip-N-Fit™.

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